Discover our range of online courses created by Children's Dietitian Dr. Kirsty to help you to help your little one with eating

Dr. Kirsty has developed a range of online courses for children aged 0-10 through a guided online learning platform that allows you to work through the content in your own time and at your own pace. She has also written a series of e-books which are available as instant downloads.


Starting solids/Weaning

Instant Access & includes free ebook on starting solids

Guiding you through the weaning process including; knowing when your baby is ready, types of weaning, appropriate foods & portion sizes, ​foods & drinks to avoid, safely introducing allergens, dealing with choking and handling food refusal.


You will also get access to a library of recipes and videos to help you through the process.

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Feeding Toddlers

Instant Access & includes free ebook on toddler feeding

Helping you navigate the often challenging process of getting your toddler to enjoy a wide variety of family-friendly meals.


Dr. Kirsty helps you strike the balance with making food fun, providing a healthy and balanced diet, all in a way that works with your busy lifestyle.

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Fussy Eating

Instant Access & includes free ebook on managing fussy eating

Aimed at parents and guardians of children aged 1-10 who are currently refusing foods, resulting in a limited diet.

This course helps to empower you with effective strategies to help your child on their way to forming a healthy relationship with food and increase the variety of foods they will eat. 

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Managing Constipation 

Instant Access & includes free ebook on nutrition tips for potty training 

This course has been designed to help parents by sharing top tips on avoiding constipation in toddlers including fibre, fluid and physical activity.


Achieving a well balanced diet can also be a struggle so this course discusses what balanced meals looks like for toddlers with top tips for presentation and lots of ideas for both meals and snacks. 

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