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Northern Ireland

Supporting parents of babies on their weaning journey, helping with toddler eating habits and making food fun for children of all ages.

Advice, support and a listening ear from children's Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter

Nutrition4Kids was founded by NHS Paediatric Dietitian Dr. Kirsty Porter in 2019. She has over ten years experience working with families in a hospital setting and previously worked as an assistant University Professor in England. 

Kirsty has a genuine passion for helping children to form a positive relationship with food and takes great joy in supporting parents on a challenging journey.  Her inspiration for starting Nutrition4Kids is the vast amount of misleading information online about infant & children's nutrition.

As a first time mum I was very confused and overwhelmed at the thought of weaning. It seemed everything I read said different stuff. My daughter has a cows milk allergy  and bad reflux so I didn’t really know where to begin. I did Kirsty’s work shop and it was brilliant. She is so passionate about helping parents on this journey. She went through everything in detail and I left the worship feeling confident and excited to start. We began weaning today and used lots of the tips and advice Kirsty taught us to help create a good foundation. Eliza loved it and it definitely took the stress out of it for me.

Zara Miskimmin


Interactive online group webinars aimed at parents & guardians who are supporting a baby who is ready to start trying their first foods or toddlers nutrition including food refusal. Following on from the session you are welcome to contact Dr. Kirsty with any questions that might arise from the webinar.

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A tailored individual assesment of your child's eating and drinking habits. The process starts by filling in a comprehensive survey, followed by an in-depth consultation session. Dr. Kirsty then writes a customised action plan and guides you through the process.


Dr. Kirsty has developed a range of online courses  for children aged 0-10 through a guided online learning platform that allows you to work through the content in your own time and at your own pace. She has also written a series of e-books which are available as instant downloads.


Dr Kirsty runs a series of workshops at locations across Northern Ireland each month. She can also arrange a tailored session for your workplace, daycare or with a group of friends in the comfort of your own home. 

(currently on hold due to the Covid 19 Pandemic)

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